Sagrantino Month at Eataly
Experience Umbrian wine all month long

The month of March brings New Yorkers the Second Annual Sagrantino Month at Eataly, brought to you by the Montefalco Consortium. The association is responsible for coordinating with local producers and guiding them in both constant quality research and the promotion of the quintessential wines of their territory. Sagrantino Month is part of a year-long Sagrantino campaign. The Sagrantino promotion at Eataly will include a trade seminar, consumer classes, wine tasting, and wine by the glass at all of Eataly's restaurants. The promotion will continue across the country with virtual tastings, trade tastings, meetings, and a consumer awareness and education program. Sagrantino is the regional Umbrian wine and has quickly become a favorite in Italy. Now Sagrantino producers are attempting to expand its success to the United States. There are five participating wineries in the Sagrantino Month promotion, including Antonelli San Marco, Arnaldo Caprai, Perticaia, Scacciadiavoli, and Tenuta Castelbuono.

For those who are unfamiliar with Sagrantino, it uses grapes that grow solely in the Montefalco area of Italy. It has unique characteristics unlike any other grape found in the country. Efforts to cultivate the grape in other areas have been unsuccessful. The wine produced is very rich and suitable for long aging. It pairs perfectly with grilled meats in dark sauces.