Cooler Than Cool: Früzen Ice
An innovative new company that produces the most unique ice you can get your hands on

Früzen Ice is the "21st century antidote to drinking boredom." Their ice is the coolest (both literally and figuratively) thing to happen to drinks since we discovered alcohol. The company is the first and only manufacturer and distributor of crystal clear ice containing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and candies within. The ice is used to refresh both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while creating a unique visual display and enhancing the flavor of the drink, without additives  once the ice melts.

 Früzen Ice also offers a line of Kosher ices, as well as custom-made ice sculptures. Not only is Früzen Ice a great way to spice up cocktails at any bar or restaurant, but they make quite the statement at special events and parties. Imagine sipping on a Bloody Mary with beautiful jalapeño ice cubes, that are both great to look at and add an extra oomph to your cocktail. Envision going to an exclusive party where a decadent ice sculpture holds bottles of champagne with strawberries encased in the ice.

If you go to, or host, a party with Früzen Ice you can pretty much ensure people won't stop talking about the innovative concept and gorgeous display. Who wouldn't want to take their event to the next level of chic? We have a feeling Früzen Ice will revolutionize the world of drinking and we completely understand why.

Cheers, we'll drink to that!