Calling All Food Trucks!
Food truck delivery to your office

New Yorkers love their food. Subsequently, they love their food trucks. Wafels & Dinges, Kelvin's Slush and Korilla BBQ are just a few of our favorites. Lately, food truck festivals are all the rage, bringing together a major chunk of NYC's trucks to one spot for foodies to go crazy over. But what happens when your  favorite food trucks are nowhere to be found? However much we love them, we also hate them because you just have to be at the right spot at the right time to find them. Thank goodness for LunchCalling, a new delivery site just for food trucks. A great alternative to Seamless, this new site allows people to order from street vendors and other mobile food vendors.












Each day the food trucks provide time slots when their demand and location will allow them to deliver. Then, 15-20 individuals from various companies, in the same building, can sign up in each slot to get their food delievered at that time. This means that the food trucks will be able to treat it like a more valuable group order. Still, the customers will be able to order individually and have no minimum requirement for their order. The first person to sign up for each particular time slot from each company becomes the vendor’s point of contact for the order. They will be responsible for picking up the food and taking it to a central place for their office mates to pick up. In appreciation, they will receive a discount on their meal. Lunch Calling will email everyone who ordered lunch to let them know when their lunch has arrived and where in your office it is.

We hope this fad catches on because we want it to be so popular that one day people can place individual orders. Now that would be heaven.