Easter Basket Sweet Treats
Our favorite treats for your Easter basket.

Easter candy may be the best time of year if you’re as much of a chocoholic, candy-feign as we are. Just think about it; there’s peeps dipped in chocolate, pectin jelly beans in every flavor imaginable, there’s chocolate eggs, mello-creams, Cadbury cream eggs, and chocolate bunnies, lambs, cows, ducks, etc. Not to mention specialty cookies and cakes that are holiday specific. So, are you drooling yet?

We’ve compiled a list of delicious and decadent holiday gifts to help you narrow down what to put in your basket or someone else’s if you’re feeling generous enough. Don’t live in NYC? Don’t worry some of our Easter favs ship nationwide. 

Sugar & Plumm: If you're looking to impress for the holiday and splurge (and we mean splurge) Sugar & Plumm is offering patrons a huge chocolate egg with decadent artwork and marzipan flowers for a grand! If that isn't within your budget, they have a wide range of chocolates for Easter. Our favorite is the adorable Chicks-n-Egg, handcrafted in dark, milk, and white chocolate adorned with white chocolate baby chicks and color flowers ($95). 

Sarabeth's Bakery: In their Chelsea Market location, Sarabeth's is offering a beautifully decorated Fabergé Egg , an egg-shaped mini lemon cake with lemon cream filling, a white vanilla glazed frosting, and decorated with colorful dragées ($6 each). Also available are hand-dipped white and dark chocolate bunny cookies ($1.75 each).

Salt of the Earth Bakery: Craving something ooey-gooey and absolutely to die for? Salt of the Earth Bakery offers a whole line of decadent brownies such as the OMGCB (Oh My God Caramel Brownie) laced with salted caramel ribbons and topped with crunchy Sel Gris Del L'Ile de Ré. All brownies range from between $5-6 for 2 brownies. 

Neuhaus: The Belgian chocolatier, Neuhaus, has a wide array of treats for chocolate lovers of all ages. Our absolute favorite available for Easter has got to be the funky, fun hollow chocolate chick family—a quirky rooster, a sophisticated hen, and an adorable baby chick. You can purchase the set, in milk or dark, for $45 or individually for $15. 

MacarOn Café: Don't have time to put together an Easter basket? MacarOn Café does the work for you with their macaron basket. For 39 dollars your basket is filled with a box of 9 macarons (dark chocolate, earl grey, raspberry, honey lavender, pistachio, orange blossom, lemon, white chocolate, and white chocolate-peppermint), a tin of Counter Culture coffee beans, "By Cecile" mini-dark chocolate bars made by MacarOn master chef, Cecile Cannone, and a petite notebook with MacarOn cover design. 

Duane Park Patisserie: Peeps are by far one of the most iconic Easter candies—whether you eat them fresh, stale, or out of the microwave you can't go wrong with marshmallow covered in crystal sugar. Duane Park Patisserie offers peep-lovers handmade yellow marshmallow peeps 10 for $20. 

Looking for a good gag gift for an Easter basket? Incrediblethings.com sells a chocolate Easter bunny called 'MMM Bunny Brains' that has been infected with the T-Virus ($15). This bunny is made of colored white chocolate and thankfully when you take a bite you won't 'turn' into a zombie yourself.