Foodie Top 100 Restaurants of the World
Foodie.com releases an exclusive list of the best restos with a book to come this Fall

Glam Media, Inc., creator of Foodie.com, revealed their inaugural Foodie Top 100 Restaurants of the World list, showcasing the most exceptional restaurants around the globe. Their first print guidebook will be available this Fall with in-depth restaurant profiles, stunning photos, must-order dishes and critics' insider tips. Restaurants are nominated based on whether their food is exceptional first, and whether the décor, service, and drinks program complement the dining experience within the context of the food. This format paves the way for recognition of superb restaurants that may not fit into the narrower, more traditional definition of “world class” or star ratings.

“We are thrilled to release The Foodie Top 100 Restaurants list and our first print guidebook as the ultimate references for all foodies, carefully selected by the world’s most knowledgeable food critics along with our Foodie editors,” said Samir Arora, Glam Media Chairman and CEO. Food critics that helped to compile the Top 100 include Gael Greene, Patricia Wells, Ruth Reichl, Jonathan Gold and others. “Our nomination criteria is ‘food first,’ with the goal to make the Foodie Top 100 Restaurants the definitive standard for recognizing the best dining experiences in the world.” The print edition of the Foodie Top 100 Restaurants Worldwide will be available this summer.

Food lovers can visit the site to explore all 100 of the award-winning restaurants and join the conversation with foodies worldwide on all things food.