RedFarm's Greenmarket Sensibility
The West Village hot spot is not your average farm-to-table concept

While standing on the sidewalk outside of 529 Hudson Street in the West Village the last thought that crosses your mind is that you’re about to walk into a modern Chinese restaurant. The 1828 townhouse that’s parlor-level space now holds Ed Schoenfeld’s RedFarm, has a rustic, farmhouse feel. Not your immediate vision of a modern Chinese restaurant but somehow the farm-look works. Ed Schoenfeld, a food expert responsible for Chinatown Brasserie, Pig Heaven, and other Asian restaurants throughout the city, grew up Jewish in Brooklyn but always gravitated toward Chinese cuisine. Schoenfeld is living proof that food can easily cross all boundaries no matter your culinary and cultural upbringing.

With communal tables set with red and white picnic table fabric, the intimate space serves modern small plate takes on classic Mandarin and Cantonese dishes. Joe Ng, the dim sum master chef of RedFarm creates dishes that don’t feel out of place given the décor. His innovative, inspired cuisine is bursting with familiar Asian flavors but the dishes' greenmarket sensibility is what ties the décor and cuisine together. RedFarm is better shared so make sure you come with an appetite where you’ll enjoy the lightly-battered jumbo Yuzu-Wasabi Shrimp ($11) and Spicy Crispy Beef with ghost chili ($16) to start. Chef Ng’s dim sum menu is full of so many delicious options that you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down to an amount you’ll actually be able to consume. We loved the ‘Pac Man’ Shrimp Dumplings ($12.50) so much so that we immediately uploaded a picture of them onto Instagram and apparently so does everyone else who orders them. We won’t ruin it, just get them. Currently on Special, is the Black Truffle Chicken Soup Dumpling ($20) which is full of a flavorful chicken-truffle soup. If you love Pan-Fried Pork Buns ($12.50) as much as we do, RedFarm’s are the perfect size, soft, and full of flavor. A great plate to share is the Dungeness & Rock Crab Meat Long Life Noodles ($27), a type of chow mein noodle with vegetables and shredded chunks of crab meat.  

Opening in only a matter of weeks, RedFarm’s new Upper West Side location will offer the clean, fresh approach of Chinese tapas plates that has made RedFarm such a West Village success. Set to open at 2170 Broadway near 77th Street, the new location will be much larger but the vision and food is to remain the same.

For RedFarm's full menu, head to their website & we'll keep you up-to-date on news about RedFarm's newest location on the UWS.