Around the World in 80 Bites at The Grateful Palate
For those who can't choose just one cuisine!

For a truly cosmopolitan foodie, choosing the right venue for a dinner out can be a daunting task. Okay. Daunting might come across as drastic, but when someone’s palate follows a culinary trajectory that mirrors that of Magellan, it can be a little tough to find a restaurant that caters to every gastronomic desire. There is that great Korean joint, but you feel like having German, too. Gnocchi would be perfect, but could the kitchen top it off with some ropa vieja and maybe rustle up a mango lassi? Granted, most diners are content with just one cuisine at a time, but for those who like it all at once, Fort Lauderdale seems to offer just the place. A local favorite that has been almost secretly talked about and shared among Broward foodies since 2009, The Grateful Palate takes influences from across culinary traditions to bring diners a truly global dining experience. With a new cocktail list and new dishes that branch out further into the far reaches of the world’s kitchens, The Grateful Palate offers a delicious solution to the culinary cosmopolitan.

Thai beef sliders, Asian duck meatballs, and bison sliders with crispy pancetta, pepper jack cheese, and avocado aïoli are just a few of Chef Hector Lopez's eclectic and innovative starters making their debut. Even more mundane-sounding dishes like a classic Italian fried mozzarella get unexpected twists. In this particular case, it is the use of fresh, oozy mozzarella cheese stuffed with artichoke pesto and served atop a tomato carpaccio.

Diners can follow the Italian trend with a fricassé osso bucco with blue cheese polenta and caramelized fennel, while dishes like tandoori veal lollipops with curry fries and pear raita cater to those with more exotic appetites. A cinnamon seared duck breast offers a taste of German-infused Americana with a side of crushed rutabaga, braised red cabbage, beurre noisette, and candied pecans. For those with more luxurious tastes, The Grateful Palate also offers a petite Siberian sturgeon caviar with all the traditional accompaniments, as well as pan-seared foie gras with rosemary caramelized apples and parsnip crisp.

Besides sommelier Michael Ronne’s award-winning selection of wines that has made The Grateful Palate a favorite for oenophiles, the restaurant has also just recently debuted a selection of cocktails that reflect Chef Lopez’s globetrotting aesthetic. The Vesper combines Ketel One vodka, Old Tom gin, and Dolin Blanc, while the Guayabera offers a concoction of Ketel One Oranje, Cointreau, guava purée, and fresh cranberries.

For the full globetrotting menu and more information head to The Grateful Palate's website.