Mast Brothers Chocolate Adventure
Hipster chocolate that’s worth the hype

With descriptions more often found on the back of a wine bottle than a bar of chocolate, Mast Brothers gourmet chocolate is no average candy bar. Available in 19 flavors and split into two categories, Single Estates Origins and Blends & Pairings, expect to taste the unexpected. From Vanilla and Smoke to Black Truffle and Moho River, no bar comes in with under 70% of organic cocao harvested from small farm cooperatives dotted around South America, and no, none of the bars come with a milk or white chocolate option as, to the gourmet chocolatier, either would be cocao sacrilege.

Each bar is individually hand-wrapped in thick paper printed on a restored printing press with differing designs of vintage building blueprints, anchors, graphical patterns, and flowers. Founding brothers Rick and Michael Mast bring an element of time-honored artisanal craft into everything they do. Describing their chocolate making process as a "voyage" with an "almost literary quality to it," the duo aim to elevate chocolate eating to both a sensual and mind broadening experience. By pairing the best ingredients with strange and unusual taste combinations Mast Brothers Chocolates encourages your brain to learn about new flavors and yearn for the next step in a Mark Twain-style chocolate adventure.

Although available at various retailers around the city and in desserts at Per Se and other up-market restaurants, the Mast Brothers headquarters is well worth a visit in its own right. Based in a former spice factory in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the open-plan shop and factory run alongside each other. The shop sells not only the full selection of chocolate flavors but brownies and truffles, all as equally delightful as the next. In addition, the factory offers chocolate tours throughout the summer, allowing the hardened chocolate lover the opportunity to see the painstaking manufacturing process step-by-step.

So, whether you chose to read their lengthy chocolate literature or whether you care that their factory machinery was custom-built by a former aerospace engineer, what matters is the taste and with or without in-depth knowledge, one thing is for certain, Mast Brothers chocolate sure tastes good.

To place an order head to the Mast Brothers website—where you can order 5, 10, or 25 bars at a time.