Innovation in the Food Industry
A recap of General Assembly's Assembled Food event

Artistic innovators are what many people are striving to be in NYC. The food industry is trending in creativity and NYC is the best place to get a front row seat to these unique opportunities. We’re not just talking about yummy restaurants and food trucks. There’s a whole lot of new technology that gives us more access to food too! Joonbug hit up the Assembled Food event this past Saturday at General Assembly to find out what is trending. The event had a line up of speakers of professionals in NYC’s food industry that have come up with cool new concepts and are successfully executing them.

Our favorite new food businesses are:

Clean Plates:

You may have heard of this or seen their guidebook in Whole Foods or health food stores in NY or LA. Clean Plates started off as a guidebook written by Jared Koch to help diners find the healthiest restaurants to eat at without sacrificing the taste of good food. Clean Plates is now available as a free app and tailors to anyone whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. Restaurants are scored as having one of three ratings:

  • The Clean Plates Seal, which is the highest score and reflects the use of healthy ingredients from sustainable sources, nutritionists approval, and a comprehensive survey completed by the chef.
  • Blue scores means that the restaurant is mostly healthy and uses sustainable ingredients but the only research done is online or on the phone

  • Orange scores indicate some healthy options, use of good quality ingredients but to be cautious about what you are ordering.

Buzz Table:

This is a new software that more and more restaurants are starting to use in NYC. As a customer, we can download the Buzz Table app for free! When we go to a restaurant and there’s a wait, Buzz Table keeps us up to speed on when the table will be ready. While we wait, we use the app to look at the menu and order appetizers that can be brought to the table as soon as we get seated. We can also read through recommendations and top trending and menu items!


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