The Food Trends that Stuck
2013’s shining stars on our plates

With each new year an abundance of publications and newspaper canons provide their predictions for the year ahead in food and gastronomy. Now, a quarter of the way through 2013, Joonbug lists 5 key trends that have emerged as more than just a flash in a pan.

                                                                                                                                                            Sunchokes: Also known as the Jerusalem artichoke, these root vegetables are not, as the name would imply, an artichoke, neither are they from Jerusalem. In actual fact they are the root of sunflowers and possess a complex nutty, potato/artichoke flavor. Find them at seafood haven BLT Fish where Chef Amy Eubanks serves them as an accompaniment to a Crispy Skin Mediterranean Branzino with fennel and saffron ($33).

21 West 17th Street, New York, NY

Nordic Naturalism: Embracing earthy flavors, a respect for colder climates, and sustainably sourced ingredients, the Nordic Naturalism trend is best sampled at Aska in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Try their tasting menu for seven courses of inspired cuisine, each of which are announced and then described by the chef who escorts his dishes personally to your table ($65).

90 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Gochujang: Long dubbed as the new Siracha, Gochujang is the latest Korean hot sauce on the block that is refusing to budge. Spicy and sweet simultaneously, the sauce is comprised of fermented soybean paste mixed with red chilli, salt, and sugar. Find it at authentic Korean hotspot Danji, where it accompanies Spicy Pork Belly Sliders with scallions and cucumber julienne ($12).

346 West 52nd Street, New York, NY

Ramps: Also known as wild leeks, ramps are a perennial onion with a garlicky, scallion-like flavor. One of the first green things to appear in the ground around April, they are now in the height of their season and, more often than not, are locally sourced. Take a trip to the Upper East restaurant, Hospoda, where Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnocchi with braised rabbit and pioppini mushrooms lie abed a rich emerald wild ramp liquid puree ($21).

321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY

Smoked Everything: For a one-stop food trend smoke stop, head to Fatty Cue’s either in Brooklyn or the West Village, where this 2013 trend is taken to the next level. From Smoked Mash Potatoes ($11) to Smoked Brandt Beef Brisket with braised collard greens and texas toast ($26), this joint packs a helluva lot of smoke. Such is their dedication to their low temperature smoke ‘baths’ that even the cocktails pack a smokey punch, for example, try the Smokin’ Bone which combines whiskey with smoked pineapple, lime, Tabasco and chocolate bitters ($13).

 50 Carmine St, New York, NY or 91 South 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY