Brooklyn Sure Does Taste Good
A recap of the 3rd annual Tasting Brooklyn

If you like food at all then you've come to the right place! Tasting Brooklyn is an annual event that celebrates Brooklyn's diverse food and dining culture. The event, which took place this past Tuesday evening, brought together countless restaurants and food and drink purveyors. The proceeds from this year's event will benefit The Brookyln Recovery Fund, which provides support to local nonprofit organizations working with the communities and individuals most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We started off with a refreshing taste of some of Boylan Bottling Co.'s crisp sodas. They had a range from root beer to shirley temple and we went back for seconds. Fairway Market had a very good display of lobster rolls. We loved Fort Reno's 'Hot Mess' concoction, which was comprised of mac 'n' cheese, bbq pulled pork, coleslaw, cornbread, baked beans, and spicy picked veggies. Stone Park Cafe served a surprisingly tasty Escargot Chowder, which even had picky eaters gulping it down. Another standout at Tasting Brooklyn was the chicken hotdogs served by Allswell, sprinkled with pickled relish. We washed some of the dishes down with a light white wine from Brooklyn Oenology and Festival & Feast, both of which had amazing wines.

Moving on to dessert, we have to say there was a clear winner here. The Chocolate Room served up mini chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches that were devilishly delicious (yes, second helpings of these were involved). However, we really enjoyed the mocha chocolate covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays & Co., as well as some refreshing ice cream from Phin & Phebes. We finished the night off with some creative soda from Brooklyn Soda Works and rolled on home.

But all of the participating venues deserve a shout out becasue there wasn't one thing we didn't love!






































 Images courtesy of BrooklynExposed.com