Brunch on Ludlow
The brunch of your dreams served at Dinner on Ludlow

Finding food to cure your hangover is easy. Finding amazing gourmet food to cure your hangover is not. Enter: Dinner on Ludlow. Their weekend brunch (available 11:30am until 4pm) is crafted by executive chef John Keller and can make the grumpiest person all smiles. First of all, the restaurant itself is to die for. Picture leather banquette seating, dozens of crystal chandeliers, draped curtains—basically, a completely regal setting. It's a great way to start your day. Next comes the menu, and with options like cornflake crusted french  toast, pork belly confit, and chicken and biscuits, it's a wonder anyone can narrow down their choice to just one entree. Since most of us don't have stomachs the appropriate size to eat everything on the menu, it guarantees a return trip just to make your way through it all. Trust us, you'll want to. Additionally, each entree comes with a complimentary mimosa, bloody mary or maria, or bellini, which is just what we need on a weekend morning, er afternoon. Finish it up with one of the chef's equally delicious desserts and you are set to take on the rest of the day...or go into a food coma.

But for those who like a little party with their morning meal, debuting May 5th, DJs Jennared and Soni will be spinning the launch party, Ketchup, which will be a monthly event. On the tropical rooftop, there is also a bi-monthly brunch event hosted by celebrity chef Roble called Everyday People, which will be the perfect way to ease into summer.