Booze Carriage
Liquid libations delivered directly to your door for an impromptu Cinco de Mayo fiesta

The best part of living in a major metropolis is take out delivery service from essentially any restaurant especially now that sites like Seamless and GrubHub are so popular. Even if you don’t live in a major city there’s hardly a need to go outside anymore. Need toothpaste and shampoo? Drugstore.com’s got you covered. Need groceries but don’t feel like going aisle by aisle picking up what you need? There’s Fresh Direct and other similar services. So what if you’re throwing together a last minute Cinco de Mayo party? Thanks to BoozeCarriage.com, an online New York City alcohol delivery service, servicing Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens, you won’t have to run to the grocery store, liquor store, and party store for your spontaneous fiesta.

For $99 Booze Carriage offers a premium holiday package designed just for Cinco de Mayo! Delivered in 30-60 minutes the Cinco de Mayo package includes two 24-cases of any Mexican beer (choose from the obvious cervesas like Corona and Dos Equis to brews that may be off your radar like Sol, Modelo, and Tecate), Santitas tortilla chips, Sabra guacamole, La Costena salsa, sombreros and maracas, and the guest of honor at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta—a full-size cardboard cutout of the World’s Most Interesting Man!*

Booze Carriage isn’t just the ideal delivery service for impromptu get togethers but is also great for when you don’t have time to run out and grab wine to serve at your dinner party or a case of beer, or even a keg, to have while watching the game. Booze Carriage is the perfect gift idea as well. Top shelf liquor always makes a great gift and BoozeCarriage.com carries a selection of spirits for every occasion and price point. Nothing is worse than trying to prepare for your party than forgetting to run to the liquor store, it's bad enough that you have to clean up your apartment before, and after. With one less thing to worry about though you’re free to wait for your guests without the stress of running around trying to remember last minute tasks. Delivery is free and fast, arriving at your doorstep in about half an hour to an hour, depending on where you live, with no markups or ordering fees tacked on to the overall price of what you order. Outside of your generosity to Booze Carriage couriers all you pay is the bottle price.


Orders for Cinco de Mayo are now taking place.

To find out more about BoozeCarriage’s liquid offers for your next shindig, check out their website.

*While supplies last.