Let's Do (Frosting) Shots
Butter Lane offers their signature cupcakes, minus the cake.


This is for you if you were the kid who ate cupcakes by licking the frosting off first. Or if you still do, in which case more power (and napkins) to you.

If you think the bottom-most section of the cupcake destroys the cake-to-frosting ratio, which is obviously meant to be equal.

If you find the sugary, artificially-colored "frosting" on grocery store cupcakes personally insulting.

Frosting devotees, sweep all your other commitments aside and prioritize. Priority one: head to Butter Lane and order a frosting shot.

Butter Lane's cupcakes are good enough on their own. The cozy, sweet-smelling cupcake shop in East Village (there's one in Park Slope, too) offers pre-made cupcakes, but also lets visitors customize their desserts by pairing the cake and frosting themselves. Cake comes in chocolate, vanilla, and banana (which is especially tasty). The list of frostings is a little overwhelming, but the friendly staff behind the counter will give free samples if you ask. All the choices are listed on a chalkboard for easy browsing.

Or you can do away with all the cake nonsense and order that frosting shot. For a dollar, a generous portion of frosting is packed into a little paper cup and served with a spoon. A frosting shot is an intense experience, so choose a flavor you can commit to. Traditional vanilla and chocolate are always a good pick; Butter Lane prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, which gives simple flavors a depth beyond just sweetness. Vanilla frosting, for instance, gets its flavor from vanilla beans—not vanilla extract.

If you're branching out, the choices of frosting also include cream cheese, cinnamon honey, caramel, and sea salted chocolate. All the frostings are thick and flavorful, rich enough for the small serving size to be satisfying. And of course, there's the added glee of eating spoonfuls of frosting in public, which feels deliciously taboo.

And don't forget that the perfect chaser for a frosting shot, naturally, is a cupcake. 

Butter Lane is located at 123 East 7th Street in the East Village and 240 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

For more information about Butter Lane and their decadent frosting shots, click here.