Tasting Room by Lot18
Personalized wine tastings brought to your doorstep takes the guess work out of wine drinking

If you haven’t been let into the cool kid club that is Birchbox (we waited for what felt like forever and a day) or any other mailings clubs for that matter, then Lot18's Tasting Room should be the first on your to do list. These clubs combine the sheer joy of receiving real mail in this digital age while allowing you to preview products, and occasionally services, that may have gone unnoticed in your search for the perfect BB cream, dog toy, or whatever delivered-to-your-door causing instant satisfaction service you’re currently subscribed to. Throw some wine delivered right to your house into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Lot18, an online wine merchant, has just launched a first-of-its-kind wine club called Tasting Room by Lot18. Unlike old school wine clubs that send you a random full-sized bottle once monthly, Tasting Room is designed similarly to Pandora and Birchbox, allowing you to customize your profile by preference. Tasting Room brings an unprecedented level of customization and personalization to the wine club scene by shipping members six minibar-sized samples of wine, from a light, crisp white to a full-bodied red. After drinking the 2 whites and 4 reds given to you by Tasting Room, record your feedback online through their simple but innovative guided comparison taste test. Once completed your WinePrint tells Tasting Room where you personally fall on the wine spectrum and they will send you standard-size bottles in accordance to your tastes.

Tasting Room will also help wine lovers in real life situations as it is often times very overwhelming when presented with a wine list or in a wine boutqiue searching for a new bottle to try. Lot18's Chief Executive Officer Jay Sung explains that “this new club allows our customers’ tastes to directly pinpoint the types of wine they naturally enjoy the most. Tasting Room fills the gap between the online wine world and the local wine store, removing the stress and confusion of the wine-buying process.” With your WinePrint profile complete, Tasting Room by Lot18 will ship you one 12-bottle case of wine, four times a year, while also providing general helpful insights, including advice on order wine at restaurants, pairings with foods, and other regions and grapes worth exploring.

To join and take the Tasting Room WinePrint taste test there is an initial fee of $9.95 which covers the tasting kit as well as shipping. Your first shipment of 12 bottles is $84.99 with shipping included. After the first month's shipment, the next case is $149.99 plus $19.99 for shipping and handling arriving at your doorstep every three months. In case you’re unable to drink that much wine over the course of a year, Tasting Room has an open cancellation policy with no cancellation fees allowing you to cancel at any time.

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