Explore Regional Italian Cuisine at Mangia Mondays
From Piedmont to Tuscany, enjoy the varied flavors of Italy at Quattro this summer

Long gone are the days in which Americans believed that all Italian food consists of some variation of dry pasta with a tomato sauce. Besides learning that there is a great difference between the red sauce fare in the States and the Italian food eaten in Italy, we have come to understand that the concept of Italian cuisine is far more diverse and even ethereal than we thought. For an Italian, referring to Italian cuisine can seem as generalizing as talking about Asian, African, or Latin American cuisine. Regionality is key when discussing the cuisines of Italy, and savvy foodies have tapped into that concept. Throughout the summer, Miami aficionados can experience the various regional styles of Italian cuisine at Quattro’s Mangia Mondays.

Starting on Monday, June 3rd, Quattro’s twin chefs from Piedmont will be showcasing specialties from their home region in northern Italy every Monday for the month of June. The three course prix-fixe dinner is attractively priced at $39 per person, making it an early preview of late summer’s anticipated Miami Spice.

Menu items include Beef File Tartare with Parmesan and celery, Risotto with castelmagno cheese in veal sauce, Sheep Ricotta Gnocchi with spinach, beech mushroom, and Parmesan fondue, and Braise Beef Cheek in Barbera wine with creamy polenta. Dessert offerings include an Amaretti Flan with caramel sauce and cream gelato.

Future months will feature the cuisines of Tuscany, Liguria, and Veneto. Regional bottles of wine will also be available to pair with the prix-fixe dinner at a 20% discount.

Mangia Mondays are every Monday for dinner starting on June 3rd.