Spice Up Your Next Party With These!
LED shot glasses, alcohol tornadoes and more

Who says drinking needs to be conventional? Certainly the brains behind these innovations threw the rule book out, and so should we. Why not make the most of your experiences? Turn any night around with these fun gadgets and accessories. They are sure to make you the center of party, and keep the mood fun for everyone all night long.

Lava Lamp Shots

Talk about a blast from the past. These ultra-psychedelic shot glasses are fitted with different colored LED lights and will always stay lit as long as there is something in them. So not only are they insanely fun to look at and to drink from, it’s just further encouragement to keep your glasses full and take on the night! If you want to spice up your own party, you can easily find these fun trinkets on Amazon and have them delivered to ensure some fun times to come. The shot glasses come in a variety of colors and will be sure to keep the party glowing. So let's bring the disco-era back and dance the night away with these shot glasses. Happy drinking!


Drinking Shoes

For those truly in need of alcohol at any time of the day, try Reef’s Dram Sandals (actual drinking shoes) on for size. If you ever find yourself stranded on the beach and desperately in need of nourishment, these are perfect for you. True the shoes don’t hold much alcohol (3oz in each shoe), but it’s still more than you would have had without them! They come in four different colors (black/white, brown, grey, and blue) and a church key which opens the flasks. So come on guys, get your drinking shoes on!

Alcoholic Battleship

Wasn’t Battleship the greatest game ever? Well now, an incredible person has created an even better version—it involves alcohol. Say hello to the Enigma Battleship Drinking Game. Rather than removing a piece from the board every time it’s hit, try taking a shot of your favorite liquor instead. The creator of this work of art is Mauricio "Tony" Harison from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This tiny board game is sure to be a crowd pleaser at parties, and puts a fun twist on a classic game. So why not try it out? The last person standing wins!

Make Your Own Alcohol

For the truly determined handymen out there, this machine is the answer to your prayers. All you need to make alcohol in your home is the EasyStill Tabletop Distillation Unit. Not only is this a compact unit, it is also incredibly simple to use. Just take 4 liters of mash or wine and plug in the EasyStill and let it run its course. It heats up and cools itself, so if you forget to turn it off, it’ll do it for you. The machine takes only an hour to warm up, and the distillation process take 2 hours. From 4 liters of your wine, you can get 1.4 liters of spirits with 46% alcohol by volume (that's about 92 proof!). What you can expect to taste from this is similar to the flavor of vodka and it is flavored with essences or herbs. This awesome stainless steel unit is durable, high quality, and able to distill all kinds of alcohol. For more information on this impressive Swedish invention, check out the EastStill website. Enjoy!


Alcohol Tornadoes

There is nothing better than a perfectly mixed drink on a hot summer day. The Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker or Mixer has the ability to do just that. With the push of a button, this machine will create a vortex of pure liquid love instantly. Using a small blender-like propeller, this tiny contraption will deliver excellence over and over again. For just under $20, you can have the mixer that will make you the life of the party. Who says you can only have a shaken or stirred martini? Go for a tasty combination of both, sit back, and enjoy the perfect cocktail. Look how it’s done: