Beyond the Cronut
Dominique Ansel's collaborations with six French and American pastry chefs


It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, we were living in the bleakness of a world without cronuts. Since then, Dominique Ansel’s croissant-donut hybrid has rocketed to fame, leaving a trail of newspaper articles, questionable imitations, and Craigslist deals in its flaky wake. There is no question—the cronut is America’s Most Wanted.

But Ansel, the French pastry chef behind The Only Legitimate Reason To Be Up Before 6AM & Be Happy About It, is also debuting another line of desserts. Each of the six new sweets in the Pastry Chef Series is the product of a collaboration between Ansel and another French or American chef. The desserts are intricate and stunningly pretty. And if the reputation of their makers is anything to go by, they’re probably very, very good.

See the schedule below from Dominque Ansel's Bakery for the rotation of pastries and the chef collaborator for each (the bakery is currently on the second collaboration). Serious Eats offers a closer look.

May 24 – June 8: M. Laiskonis (“Courrone”: ginger caramel, dark chocolate parfait, orange mousse

June7 – June 20: J. Iuzzini (Raspberry Mint Passion Fruit Pavlova)

June 21 – July 4: S. Yard (Cannele Popover with Strawberry Jam)

July 5 – July 16: F. Migoya (Yuzu Praline Tart with Microbasil)

July 19 – August 8: C. Michalak (Popcorn Eclair with Caramel Mascarpone Cream)

August 2 – August 15: C. Adam (100% Caramel Religieuse)

Pastry Chef Series desserts are $6.50 each

Dominique Ansel Bakery is located at 189 Spring Street