Big Gay Ice-Creaming in the Village
Specialty cones, shakes, and floats, oh my!

Ice cream is the key to keeping cool in this humid heat, and Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is a delicious choice. With a location in the East Village and West Village, the lines at these two shops can take anywhere up to 40 minutes; but once you reach the counter, your taste buds will be delighted!

Known for their unusual toppings such as toasted curried coconut, wasabi pea dust, key lime curd, and elderflower syrup, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is a New York hot spot. The East Village shop is located on 125 East 7th Street, and can get crowded quickly. Their logo of a large rainbow colored ice cream cone is displayed on the window, while inside, a wall is dedicated to a long eye-lashed and pink flower necklace wearing unicorn mural. The friendly staff behind the counter is happy to recommend their favorite frozen treats, and the menu is also displayed on a dry-erase board. It can be overwhelming to create your own tasty dessert, but you can’t go wrong when choosing one of their specialty cones.

The two famous specialty cones Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is known for is the Salty Pimp and Bea Arthur. The Salty Pimp is soft vanilla ice cream topped with dulce de leche, sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. The Bea Arthur is soft vanilla ice cream topped with dulce de leche, and crushed nilla wafers. These intricate cones will surely become your new favorite ice cream combos! Other treats include the CococoneGobblerMorning SundaeAmerican GlobsMermaid, and their spicy hot chocolate Mexican Affo’gay’to.

If you’re not in the mood for a cone, you can try one of their heavenly shakes. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has their own ‘Shake Schedule’ which is Sunday: Tang-Creamsicle, Monday: Coffee or Mocha, Tuesday: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Wednesday: Chai, Thursday: Wildcard, Friday: Ginger-Curry, Saturday: Horchata.

In addition to their website, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop news can be found on their Facebook and Twitter.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

East Village: 125 East 7th Street

West Village: 61 Grove Street