Fabipops Opens in Park Slope
Cake pops galore!

With the creation of Fabipops, Fabiola Scarbrough has introduced Brooklyn to a delectable selection of cake pops! The store, located in Park Slope, opened this past Thursday and hosted an evening party where a select few were invited to taste some of their delicious treats. Fabipops specializes in luxury cake pops, push pops, and ring pops perfect for a quick snack or a glamorous event. Each pop is hand-designed by Fabiola and uniquely created in order to yeild customized flavors. During the event, we got to try Cotton Candy, Cookies n' Cream, Birthday Cake and Lemon Raspberry Drop. Each was super moist, light and flavorful. Within an industry dominated by heavily frosted cupcakes, it is refreshing to have the cleaner, lighter option of Fabipops; simply put, cake pops are way easier to eat than your typical cupcake! We also love that the store offers bite-sized mini truffles in each flavor for customers to sample. Another great characteristic of Fabipops, besides how fun and cute they are, is that you can also order them gluten, dairy or nut free! 

Magnifico Giornata was also present at the event, serving food and drink such as, frozen alcoholic slushies by Sloshies and small bites by SWB Catering. Yum!

Fabipops is located at 60 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.