Sherry’s Shortcakes
All-natural vegan sweets to brighten up your day

Everybody loves cake. However, except for a few lucky super-humans, not everybody can eat it regularly without doing serious damage to their waistlines or digestive systems.  A couple of years ago, Sherry Rousso baked up a tasty solution to this problem by creating Sherry’s Shortcakes.  After casting a disparaging eye upon the pitiful dessert options served at the ballroom dance socials she attended in Manhattan, Sherry was inspired to create sweet treats that were good, good-looking, and good-for-you.  So she started bringing her own cakes to the socials, and as they rapidly gained popularity she started a business to sell them. 

 What’s special about Sherry’s Shortcakes is that, in addition to being appetizing and adorable, they’re 100% all-natural and vegan: they contain absolutely no eggs, cream, or butter.  Each cake is handmade and beautifully arranged, so whether you’re giving them as a gift to a friend or loved one, or keeping them all to yourself, the presentation is always flawless.

The word “vegan” generally doesn’t do much for the word “cake”, especially since many vegan confections taste like baked cardboard at best, but Sherry’s Shortcakes are packed full of natural sweetness and fresh flavors.  When you give a friend a beautifully wrapped box of Sherry’s shortcakes, you are giving them the unique opportunity to eat cake without suffering from insuppressible pangs of the typical post-cake regrets. 

Sherry and her team have created a menu of tantalizing flavors, from classics like  “Reddish Velvet”, topped with a cream cheese-like frosting and dusted with powdered pecans, to more adventurous offerings like the “Banana Chip Spice”, banana cake with caramelized Banana-Cinnamon ‘Jammie’.  You can even choose your own customized flavor combination, and Sherry’s will see that it’s made to your specifications.   If you’re hosting an event in need of adorable and delicious check out the Sherry’s Shortcakes website for details about ordering. 

The website is a treat in and of itself—it is beautifully designed and contains photos of the shortcakes, stories about the company and team members, customer reviews, and even a hilarious page entitled “what we made up”, full of ‘quotes’ by historical figures that Sherry’s Team has re-imagined to feature praise of their shortcakes.   If you’d like to try before you buy, swing by Sunac Natural Market  at 600 W 42nd Street at 11th Avenue to take home a shortcake or two. C

heck Sherry’s Shortcake’s Facebook page for a shortcake tasting near you.