Sprinkles Cupcakes Get Savory
Maple Bacon cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery hit the shelves for a limited time

Attention cupcake connoisseurs! Sprinkles, the first official “cupcake-only” bakery from Candace Nelson (of Cupcake Wars fame), has come out with a new savory cupcake just in time for the beginning of fall: maple-bacon. It’s easy to be skeptical about Sprinkles jumping on the internet-fueled bacon bandwagon, but trust us, this is worth checking out.

When naming this cupcake, they definitely got the order right: it’s definitely more maple than bacon flavored. The Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake is woven with crispy bacon bits that offer a suggestion of umami bacon flavor more than a straight up statement. Topped with a fantastic maple cream cheese frosting (at a perfect cake-to-frosting ratio), the sweet and savory flavors of the cupcake come together harmoniously with each bite.

The Bacon Maple cupcakes are only around from August 30th to September 15th, so we recommend stopping by to pick one up soon.