Destination: Spain at Andanada
Executive Chef Manuel Berganza is hosting a dinner designed to explore and pay tribute to Spanish cuisine.


With the recent popularity of Tapas and wine bars, Spanish food has enjoyed some time in the culinary spotlight. That popularity is well-warranted; Spain’s rich cultural history has lent its food culture a complex, nuanced palate. Food in the Iberian Peninsula has been influenced by other cultures (sauces from the Phoenicians, olives from the Romans, and citrus fruits, saffron, almonds, and rice from the Moors), as well as its physical geography. Being surrounded by water has made seafood a Spanish staple, and the diverse inland terrain provides for a wide variety of fresh products. From the high mountain altitudes where famous Spanish ham is cured to the nutrient rich soils of the lowland where vineyards and olive orchards thrive, Spain has an excellent culinary culture that's worth exploring.

Chef Manuel Berganza knows firsthand how great Spanish food can be, and will be bringing his ample experience (which includes working with two Michelin-starred restaurants in his native Spain) to the Upper West Side with an exclusive dinner at Andanada. The event will celebrate Spanish food and wine, while cultivating the sorbremesa atmosphere of convivial conversation with friends and family before, during, and after your meal.

In typical Spanish fashion, the evening will begin with Tapas (such as Garrapiñados en Azafran, sugared almonds in saffron, and Tortilla de Camarones, a baby shrimp croquant), and will move on to a main meal. The five-course pairing menu features outstanding, mouthwatering dishes. Offerings like the Mojama Casera (homemade salted tuna with tomato soup, topped with almonds and Padron pepper fritters) and the Guiso de Raya Asada (grilled skate stew flavored with Iberian ham and seasonal aromatic herbs) highlight the best of classic Spanish ingredients and methods. Others, like the Lomo de Ternera en Tataki (veal loin tataki-style with a bed of potatoes, citrus, and herbs) highlight Berganza’s innovative, creative interpretations of tradition.

It would be impossible to mention Spanish food without also mentioning Spanish wine, a factor Berganza considered when putting his menu together. Collaborating with centuries-old Spanish winery Cordoníu as well as Tobelos Winery (a winery renowned for its smooth, genre-challenging Riojas, which also happens to belong to the father of Ananada-owner Alvaro Reinoso), Berganza has paired each dish with an expertly-selected Spanish wine.

The dinner will take place on Thursday, September 26th at 7pm. Tickets are $150 a seat, and can either be purchased online or by emailing oscar@67wine.com or alvaro@ananada141.com.. You can also order by phone: call Oscar Garcia (Monday-Saturday, 9AM-6PM) at 212-724-6767 or Alvaro Reinoso (Any day, between noon and 6pm) at 646-692-8762.