Neapolitan Express Brings You the "Verde" Pizza
Go-green and get tasty with this food truck!

In New York, it's hard to stand out, especially if you're a pizza.  Two Bros, Two Boots, Famous Ray's, Original Famous Ray's, Ray's Pizza... they all serve slices of crust and sauce and cheese, not all too different from each other. While we may have our favorites, a slice is a slice is a slice.

Neopolitan Express, however, differentiates itself with both its product and its delivery.  We visited the food truck when it was parked at 53rd and Park--a popular lunch truck spot for the Midtown working crowd.  The sleek design and the clean interior of the truck immediately stood out to me, and the menu struck me as creative and perhaps healthier than the average pizza.  

This mobile pizzeria is, in fact, very good for you, not only in taste and food, but also in its clean-energy use. The trucks produce the lowest carbon, nitrogen and sulfur emissions of any other food truck in the country, by using natural gas and solar energy from solar panels on the roof of the truch. The specialty Italian designed pizza ovens are handmade in Italy and reach the optimal pizza cooking temperature of 900 degrees, solely via electricity.  Ingredients are organic and natural, sourced locally or from Italy, making an combining the promotion of global cuisine and premium ingredients while maintining the mission of creating sustainable products.

The pizza box is also made from recycled, compostable materials, and designed to create the least amount of possible waste: the top splits off into four plates and the bottom of the box can be re-fashioned into a to-go container.  
And what's in the box is even better!  We went with the Verde, because of the kale. The perfectly cooked crust was spread with San Marzano tomatoes and layered with melty fresh mozzarella, crisp and bitter arugula, Cavolo Nero kale, thinly shaved parmesan, perfectly salty imported Black Cerignola olives, and sprinkled with  extra virgin olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt, and cracked black pepper.  It was the perfect lunch! Part salad, part pizza, complete deliciousness.   
Two slices was more than enough for, so we folded up the compostable box and kept the rest for a fabulous midafternoon snack.  Though it's going to be hard to order something that's not the Verde, we can't wait to go back and taste the rest of the sure to be scrumptious menu.