Ramen Takumi
Ramen Takumi offers a tantalizing selection of Japanese cuisine.

Ramen Takumi’s new location on 1 University Place boasts a loftier expanse, but its food still retains its original quality. Japanese chefs wearing printed round hats bustle around behind the counter while the young waiters and waitresses work the floor.

The menu offers a selection of Asian appetizers such as oshinko (Japanese pickled vegetables), edamame and shumai (dumplings with the option of pork or shrimp), and entrees consisting noodles and rice. This is also a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, with specially-catered ramen to suit the customers’ preferences.

You know a good dumpling on the first bite. The pork shumai encompasses the quintessential shumai at most Asian restaurants. The thin layer of unleavened dough shells tender, scrumptious pork that splits at the pressure of your chopsticks. The scallions resemble little green halos over this heavenly appetizer. 

Ramen-wise, the syo-yu ramen is a popular choice. The ramen swims in soy sauce-flavored broth along with bamboo shoots, a hard-boiled egg, seaweed, scallion and onions. Slices of roast pork known as chashu adds plenty of texture and flavor to the dish. Like the shumai, the chashu is supple and doesn’t compromise on the quality or taste.

Other favorites are the shio ramen and tan-tan men. The shio ramen is pretty similar to the syo-yu ramen except it’s a salt-flavored broth with traces of scallop powder. Tan-tan men features a spicy soybean paste soup, served with chicken chunks, sesame powder, salt-flavored egg, scallion, bamboo shoots and garlic. It’s a nice medley in a pool of reddish-orange broth.

The noodle portions are rather big, so you can bet that you won’t leave hungry.