Celebrate Plant Foods with World Vegetarian Day!
On October 1st, Celebrate World Vegetarian day with some of NYC's unexpected veggie Dishes

Tomorrow, October 1st, Celebrate World Vegetarian day with some of NYC's most unexpected Veggie Dishes. 

Barbecue joints are infamous for lacking any and all vegetarian options-- even a side salad will be smothered in bacon bits! Virgil’s Real Barbecue is a southern barbecue restaurant that should be known for its tasty vegetable dishes. The Grilled Vegetable Salad filled with grilled and marinated yellow peppers, carrots, eggplant, brocollini, cauliflower and asparagus tossed over mixed greens with cheddar cheese. 

152 West 44thStreet

Brick Lane Curry House serves British inspired Indian food, with bold and spicy flavors that don't even make you miss the meat. Highlights include fried cauliflower florets in garlic and tomato sauce (Lassuni Gobi); eggplant cooked in a thick nutty sauce that’s sweetened with jaggery – date sugar (this dish is called Baghara Baingan); and Okra with onions, tomatoes and peppers (Bhindi Bhaji).

306-308 E 6th St

For more vegetarian indian food, The MasalaWala has an entirely separate vegetarian menu,using fresh veggies that are spiced to perfection.  Endless vegetable-only appetizer and entree options will leave you coming back for more veggies, without even touching the meat-side of the menu.  

179 Essex St

Bareburger is a super vegetarian-friendly burger joint, with several options of veggie burgers to put in their tasty sandwiches.  The California burger loads on the avocado, cheddar, on delicious salsa verde, and is fantastic with their flavorful mushroom patty or a grilled portabella.  Quinoa patties and black bean burgers are other outstanding veggie options.  

SLIDE, known for their sliders, may sound like an intimidating restaurant for vegetarians, but this burger joint has a variety of options for the non-meat eaters. The Baby Portobello Mushroom Bourguignon Sliders with fontina and fried shallots or the Homemade Vegetarian Delight Sliders with a corn-wild mushroom-blackbean patty, pepperjack cheese, and Sriracha aioli are both flavorful, meatless sliders that won’t disappoint. 

174 Bleecker Street

For vegetarian-style Mexican, stop by AG Kitchen  where Executive Chef Alex Garcia cooks up Wild Mushroom Tacos with Huitlacoche, queso fresco and salsa verde. The Meatless Burger made with fresh local vegetables, grains, beans and raisins is topped with mango slaw and A.G. hot sauce for fiery vegetarian entrée. The manchego cheese and spinach Empanadas with heirloom tomatoes are also great.  

269 Columbus Avenue

Happy Veggie Day!