Happy National Drink Beer Day!
The "hoppiest" holiday of all!

This week marks the begining of October, and October marks the begining of the holiday season. But alas, one of the 'hopiest' holidays of all falls just before, with September 28th being National Drink Beer Day. So gather your of-age family members and closest friends and indulge in the beverage that is said, not only to lower your risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and cardivascular disease, but also, make you quite happy. 

To commemorate this joyous occasion, we have a compiled a list of delicous fall beers that truly celebrate the art the brew. Of course, these are just a few of the greats--there is a mass conglomeration of  brews and ales, all of which are believed to have a singular ancestor dating back to the Neolithic Era. And with the oldest operating brewery-- located in the Bavaria region of Germany-- having been around since 1040, there's no doubting why this cultural phenom of a liquid is the third most consumed beverage in the world. 


Nothing quite says fall like a pumpkin beer. A nobody does pumpkin beer quite as good as Dogfish Head. Enjoy a glass (or two) of their "Punkin" with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. 








The Founders Brewery of Michagan presents their "Harvest Ale," which washes over your tastebuds with hints of tangerine citrus, herbal infusions, and is topped off with traces of malt flavor.











  Brooklyn Oktoberfest Beer, brewed by Brooklyn Brewery, comes amber in color and washes down with a delicous caramel malt finish.












Speaking of Oktoberfest Beers, this woundn't be a list of fall beers without the inclusion of Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. This classic beer of the season blends five breeds of malt roasts, with dashes of of toffee and caramel.








Another delectable pumpkin beer comes from the Six Pont Brewery of Brookly. Appropriately named Autumnation, this fall beer comes in a golden orange color and is made with ginger and cinnamon. 







If you want to celebrate the holiday with a great deal at a local bars, head on over to 675 Bar on 675 Hudson Street, from 6-8pm today, September 28thm, as they offer free, we repeat, free craft beer tastings to celebrate the holiday.