Giano Does One of a Kind Italian
East Village eatery wows with its pastas

Tucked away on the streets of the East Village lies Giano, a more than worthy Italian restaurant that has withstood the test of time for over five years. Italian owners Paolo Rossi and Matteo Niccoli turned this space into a romantic, rustic spot with brick walls, candlelight, and even an outdoor seasonal garden. If you aren't instantly charmed by the decor, the food will sure do the trick.










The restaurant undoubtedly draws patrons in with their incredible homemade pasta dishes, but they can wow you with more than just pasta. Giano boasts creative appetizers, such as Crocchette di Ricotta e Tonno (tuna and riccotta corquettes), outstanding PolPette al Pomodoro gratinate (meatballs), and Asparagi Gratinati (asparagus with fontina cheese). Each dish stood out on its own and made us excited to try what was next.









 As mentioned, Giano is quite well known for their delicious pastas. With eight different selections to choose from it can be quite a difficult choice. Stand outs include Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggi (four cheese potato gnocchi), Ravioli di Spinaci e ricotta (spinach and ricotta ravioli) and Bigoli al ragu d’agnello e noci tostate (thick spaghetti with lamb ragout). The gnocchi was so good it melted in your mouth and had the perfect consistency. The bigoli was so unique and fun, while the ravioli was a real winner. You can't go wrong with whatever dish you choose.

Giano also has a number of non-pasta entrees to choose from. As a place known for their pasta, we were happily surprised at how mouth-watering their entrees were! We adored the Baccala’ alla livorne Se con Polenta (pan seared cod), which was light and yummy, and could not get enough of the Filetto al Balsamico con Pancetta e cipolle (balsamic glazed filet mignon). Make sure to accompany your meal with one (or more!) of their tasty Italian wines or beers and finish it up with some dessert! 

If you ever find yourself strolling in the East Village, make sure to step into Giano for a one-of-a-kind, hearty Italian meal!

Giano is located at 126 E. 7th St.