NYC's Top 5 Lesser-Known Candy Shops
Best candy stores, perfect for Halloween preparation

Handsome Dan's Snocone & Candy Stand

Taking after its neighborhood, Williamsburg, this candy store craftily combines vintage candies with unique, somewhat avant-garde confectionery selections. Handsome Dan’s serves up homemade, all-natural snocones and old-school sodas like Moxie, Nesbitt’s and Dad’s Root Beer.

In old-fashioned glass jars (so hipster!) you’ll find gummies, salt water taffy, Pop Rocks, jawbreakers, sour yummies, delectable chocolates and much, much more. If you want to go all-out-original with your candy selection, Dan’s offers Japanese Candy kits, local Brooklyn Sweets, and crazy cotton candy flavors like Earl Grey, Chocolate, Cherry and Peppermint. Don't worry, though, they wouldn't dream of leaving out classic Original Pink.

 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211


An adorable boutique of a candy shop, Papabubble is one of the few places that allows its customers to watch their candy being made right in front of them! A Yelper un-sarcastically exclaimed, “It’s more exciting than a Vegas show!” Maybe it would be more aptly described as a candy lab—Labocandy, anyone?  The “ends” of the selections look like sculptures and can be used as effective paperweights… or you could just smash them and eat the pieces, whatever works for you. The flavors are unique and addictive, but don’t worry about not knowing what you are in for, Papabubble offers FREE SAMPLES to its guests. While it's not the cheapest sweetery on the block, it's worth it, readers.

380 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 


Dewey's Candy

Located in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Dewey's Candy truly is a sweet spot. Dewey’s offers an immense selection of nostalgic, retro candy—and what is Halloween, if not a celebration of your childhood? The best part is that Dewey’s offers personal customized candy gifts as well as a 21 color special M&M assortment. And those colors! Willy Wonka would would approve.

 141 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201



William's Candy Shop

Sure these other candy shops boast offerings of retro candy, but none of ‘em have true historical gravity like William’s, which has been offering candies in the heart of Coney Island right next to world famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs, for over 75 years! Going to William’s is a trip through history, but while their store may be old, the candy certainly isn’t; William’s specializes in freshly made candy apples, popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy, marshmallow treats, lollipops, and a whole lot more. 

  1318 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224



Slodycze Wedel

At Slodycze Inc., expect an encyclopedic collection of wrapped and tinned Polish confections and specialtiesIf you like chocolate, this is a must-visit! (The coconut-filled truffles in the blue and white wrappers are our favorite). The fun, colorful wrappers on all the candy make it a great place to shop for gifts. And don't worry if you can't read Polish because the people behind the counter will tell you what everything means, though everything tastes good, anyway. Wedel's famous cocoa powder is a steal at 79 cents for 100 grams (just over three ounces). With billboards in Greenpoint subway stations written entirely in Polish, you know you are getting the real Polish deal.

772 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222