Wild Turkey Spiced Media Only Launch Party
Putting the "Yarr" in Bourbon

Ahoy, matey!  Despite the fact that September was National Bourbon Month, for some of us, every month is National Bourbon Month!

In honor of the roll out of their newest addition to the family, Wild Turkey is hosting its very own media only launch party at the Surf Bar in Williamsburg at 7:30 pm on October 10 and joonbug will be pleased to report on the scene.

Wild Turkey Spiced is the first of its kind, hailing from “The Island of Kentucky”, and Wild Turkey is celebrating its innovation with panache by featuring the smooth styling tunes of Baby Soda, a New York street jazz ensemble band.  Baby Soda has played some classic New York venues as The Knitting Factory, The Village Vanguard, and the Jalopy Theater, and describes itself as bringing the concept and joy of music to the present.

 As a special treat for bourbon enthusiasts, Associate Master Distiller Eddie Russell will be in attendance to kick off the debut of Wild Turkey’s island themed launch.  We’re hoping he’ll partake in a few rounds of Dunk the Pirate in between educating us on what spiced bourbon crafting entails, given his twenty-seven years and familial lineage of experience in barrel maturation, warehousing, and eventually distilling bourbon. 

The concept of Wild Turkey Spiced is especially intriguing to those of us who enjoy both bourbon and rum, and we land-lubbers of concrete jungle origin are excitedly counting down to what looks like a fabulous launch party.

Brooklyn Surf Bar, 139 N. 6th Street (Between Bedford and Berry