Sweets and Sass at Rice to Riches
Delicious dessert with a sense of humor

No one can deny that there’s a lot of competition when it comes to dessert options in New York, but some dessert spots take themselves a little too seriously.  Fortunately for dessert enthusiasts and people who know how to laugh at themselves, there’s a place in Nolita that kicks seriousness to the curb and serves specialty rice pudding with a whopping side of sass.  Rice to Riches has been delighting customers with its fun atmosphere and tongue-in-cheek character for a few years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

 You may not have previously considered rice pudding a savvy focus for a food establishment, but Rice to Riches takes their concept and runs with it, serving up both classic and inventive flavors with a variety of toppings, referred to as “Jesus Droppings”.  The creamy Coast-to-Coast Cheesecake pudding tastes delicious with “Flourish”, buttery toasted pound cake pieces, mixed in.  Other exciting flavors include “Take Me to Tiramisu”, “Sex, Drugs, and Rocky Road”, and “Coconut Coma”.




These dreamy rice-based treats don’t come cheap, but you’re welcome to try samples of the flavors that intrigue you before you commit to a purchase. Four of the most popular flavors are available in mini-sizes for $4.75 each.  For the rest of the flavors, the bad news is that 1 serving will cost you $7 a pop.  The good news? Usually a “serving” according to the packaging on grocery store food is more like 0.025 servings for anyone whose stomach is larger than a pea.  At Rice to Riches, however, your $7 Solo serving may well be too much for you to finish in one sitting.  The portion doesn’t look huge in its brightly-colored plastic didsh, but once you tuck into the rich, creamy pudding you’ll have a hard time managing the entire bowl in one go.



Rice to Riches sets itself apart with not only its food but also with its unique and unapologetically zany decor.  This place isn't trying to suck up to its customers, and it's surprisingly refreshing.  What other food establishment would have to guts to hang a the sign above the puddings that encouraging customers to go ahead and indulge because they're "already fat?" or to poke fun at itself by proclaiming on the front window that it sells “Dozens of Delicious Flavors and 3 Shitty Ones”?




 Rice to Riches is open Sunday-Thursday 11 am-11 pm and Friday and Saturday 11 am- 1 am. Should you have the need to purchase enough flavored rice pudding to feed an actual army, SUMO sizes (40 ounces) are availabe for order online.  

37 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012