Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Make My Cake
Cupcakes and coffee in Harlem

Almost anyone can make a decent cupcake, so sometimes the only thing that sets one cupcake place apart from another is the overall experience of being in the shop.  Make My Cake, an adorable and beloved bakery in West Harlem, is the perfect place to kick back and relax with a freshly made cupcake and a piping hot chai latte.

If you're accustomed to cramped bakeries elsewhere in New York, a visit to Make My Cake in Harlem feels like entering a clean and spacious alternate universe where the only law of the land is to happily indulge your sweet tooth.  The pink and white frilly decor may seem out of place in this city, but it contributes to the undeniable charm of the bakery.  




With two adorable locations in Harlem, Make My Cake serves some truly delicious cupcake standards, including German Chocolate, Buttercream, Strawberry, and of course, the ever-popular Red Velvet.  A customer favorite, Make My Cake’s Red Velvet is topped with cream cheese frosting and optional pecans. 

Those in need of a birthday or wedding cake can order custom cakes of varying sizes and flavors.  If you’re going for a more original celebratory dessert, check out the cheesecakes, which are available in Carrot, Plain, Red Velvet, and Sweet Potato. 





 Make My Cake began with family recipes, and that down-to-earth, Southern-style homey feel can still be experienced to this day.  Grab-and-go cupcake stops are great in a pinch, but having the chance to take your time in a café setting as you gleefully screw up your diet is a welcome change. 

121 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY 10016