Lusting for Luscious Dessert
Spot Dessert Bar fuses Eastern flavors into Western delights.

At Joonbug, our sweet tooth constantly keeps us on the hunt for good dessert. Spot Dessert Bar draws its inspiration from the East, and its dessert features unique flavors that will heighten your taste buds. It’s a clever twist on the classic sweets.

When was the last time you had toast for dessert? Exactly. The Golden Toast comprises warm honey-buttered toast served with fresh strawberries and condensed milk ice cream. The ice cream tastes pretty much like vanilla, just sweeter.

The green tearamisu (love their wordplay) is another delight. Caged in a small wooden box, the green tea mascarpone cream contains green tea-soaked ladyfinger and is topped with white chocolate shavings and matcha powder dust. Lovers of green tea can’t get enough of this. Green tea is a unique flavor that leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. It has an earthy taste to it that makes it rather distinct.

We absolutely love the chocolate green tea lava cake. Green tea ganache and rich chocolate is shelled in the warm chocolate cake, which spills out in a puddle of dark brown and green swirls. Next to the lava cake is a scoop of green tea ice cream on a bed of crunchy walnut soil. This parallels the concept of yin and yang, because on one side of the plate, you have warmth oozing out from the cake, and on the other side, you have cold ice cream.

The Thai Tea Crème Brulee is an exotic combination of cream custard, caramelized sugar and hot Thai tea. The little bowl of custard is topped with a very thin layer of caramelized sugar, so when consumed with the tea, it results in a nice balance of bittersweet.

Spot Dessert Bar also serves cupcakes, macarons, cookies and delicious bubble teas, and is located in St. Marks Place and Koreatown.