Wild Turkey Spiced Launch Party
A little bit of Kentucky in Brooklyn

Last night we hopped from the “Island of Manhattan” to the “Island of Kentucky” at Surf Bar, located in cozy Williamsburg.  This event showcased the newest addition to the Wild Turkey family, Wild Turkey Spiced, a new take on an old classic, Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon.

 The media only event was artfully orchestrated, and overall put together quite nicely.  The space at Surf Bar was a perfect choice for the pirate themed launch, complete with real sand throughout Surf Bar’s intimate and refreshing outdoor space.

Highlights included live music from the New York based street jazz band Baby Soda, which helped promote a relaxed, Southern ambiance which nicely tied the event together.

The event included interactive activities beyond drinking and mingling, including T-screening, and our favorite, dunk the pirate.  Although, it’s a good guess the dunk tank was rigged since we didn’t see anyone win a free bottle of Wild Turkey Spiced.

Hors d’oeuvres were passed throughout the entire event, featuring a liquidy corn and crab chowder, mini lobster rolls, juicy beef sliders, a hearty beef stew that left much to be desired, and French fries with honey and sea salt, which turned out to be the best of the bunch.

On to the main event of the evening: the cocktails.  There were two offerings for Wild Turkey Spiced inspired cocktails: the first was the Frozen Horse, a blended concoction of Wild Turkey Spiced, ice, and sweetener, topped off with BBQ sauce.  We were exceptionally thankful for the BBQ sauce’s presence, because elevated the otherwise ordinary cocktail to exceptional levels. The second option was served on the rocks, and, in proper Kentucky fashion, an homage to the mint julep.  This version included crushed grapes as well as muddled citrus slices (orange and lemon), leaving a crisp, refreshing taste on the palette.




The cocktail we enjoyed most was the simplest of all: Wild Turkey Spiced with some ice.  A little more user friendly than your typical bourbon, it was an innovative, off the beaten path spirit that we struggle to compare with anything else on the market at the moment.    

Thanks for showing us a great time, Wild Turkey!