Bärenjäger, the Original Honey Liqueur, Brings You New Flavors
The new Bärenjäger Honey & Tea and Bärenjäger Honey & Pear hit the shelves!

Bärenjäger brings you their two newest products, Honey and Pear and Honey and Tea, for those who love the smooth taste of honey- and love some liquer as well. Bärenjäger first hit the liquor scene with their original 70 proof  honey liquor made with pure, natural honey with no added artificial flavors or ingredients. In 2012, they launched their Honey and Bourbon line which was very well received. Now, their two new lines have honey lovers excited for more! 

The Honey & Tea is the perfect blend of sweet black tea and natural premium honey. This spiked tea concoction is perfect for the upcoming fall season, mixed with a nice cup of hot tea. It offers more of a fruity twist to their liquor. Made with high quality pear brandy and of course generous amounts of pure honey, this drink will have you as buzzed as a bee. Try either of these new drinks (or both at the same time) for a sweet, light experience that stands out from all those other harsh liquors.