Umami Burger Just Got More Decadent
If you're looking to have a cheat day, or have a last hurrah before you say goodbye to carbs, this is the way to go.

 Every self-professed foodie has heard of the Japanese word umami, the fifth tatse representing savory deliciousness on the human taste scale.  The famous LA-based Umami Burger in the West Village has exlempified this idea, translating a theoretical gastronomic concept into delicious reality by creating amazing burgers that make the taste buds sing.  In addition to mastering the art of the umami taste, Umami Burger also gets bonus points for their creativity.  The Manly Burger is a twist on the traditional bacon cheese burger, but with a slightly different cut of pork, and--in a move of sheer genius--topped with onion rings.  Naturally, the burgers are served on an airy brioche rolls.  There is also a duck fat burger, topped with caramelized fennel, apple and peach compote, and crispy duck skin.  We're pretty sure that word can't express how incredible that tastes, Japanese or otherwise.

Just when we didn't think Umami Burger could get any better, they pulled a daring dessert move that threatened to de-throne the cronut.  Umami Burger is now serving donut ice cream sandwiches, and they look as delicious as pure happiness.  The donut ice cream sandwiches come in three flavors: the first is technically a cinammon roll stuffed with cinnamon toast ice cream; the second is a jelly donut filled with peanut butter and jelly ice cream; finally, you chocolate lovers out there can enjoy a peanut butter and chocoloate donut topped with chocolate chips and stuffed with chocolate ganache ice cream.

Clearly, this is not a place you go to meet your fitness goals.  Eat at your own risk.  Joonbug is not responsible for any food comas or excessive happiness that may occur as a result of consuming these donut ice cream sandwiches.

 Umami Burger, 432 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011