Maison Kayser is open in Columbus Circle!
The international bakery and restaurant has another New York location

Of all the scents you can experience in this city, the smell of freshly baked bread is definitely among the best.  Maison Kayser, one of New York’s premier bakeries, recently opened up another location at Columbus circle.

If you’re new to Kayser, just know that this is definitely cause for celebration.  If you find yourself near Columbus circle, prepare to fall in love with bread all over again.  The most famous pastry there is undoubtedly the chocolate almond croissant.  Word to the wise: this is no ordinary croissant.  If you want to know what it tastes like, imagine everything that you love about chocolate and everything you love about almond croissants, and then add butter and powdered sugar.  This delicious treat involves all of the above as well as incredibly soft pastry.  There’s none of that disturbing chewiness in less pastries that makes you regret consuming a colossal amount of butter for no apparent reason. 


As incredible as the almond pain au chocolat is, the true test of a bakery’s quality is how its bread fares without the help of a giant piece of chocolate.  Maison Kayser passes the test without doubt.  Take a bite of their brioche or other standard breads, and you might suddenly realize that an all-carb diet is exactly what you need.

Maison Kayser is also a full service restaurant serving a variety of salads, quiches, and light French entrees for lunch, brunch, and dinner.  The new location is at 1800 Broadway in Columbus Circle and is open from 7 am until 11 pm Monday through Sunday.