Magnolia's Mini-Me
There’s a new cupcake in town

When the dessert tray comes around, don’t you ever feel like you want just one bite of everything you see? You’re not even hungry enough for an entire pastry—though you usually manage to eat every bite anyway. New Yorker Melissa Bushell left a boring career in advertising to devise a solution.

Introducing Baked by Melissa, a mini-cupcake shop in SoHo that looks more like a lemonade stand than a bakery. There are seven varieties of quarter-sized treats to choose from, including peanut butter cup, s’mores, cookies and cream and red velvet. The pick-up window at 529 Broadway (and Spring) sometimes draws a line wrapped around the corner. With a minimum purchase of three cupcakes, (for $3,) you’re forced to try at least three flavors.