It's National Chocolate Day!
Calling all chocoholics! Take a peek at the most unique chocolate treats in the city!

Need an excuse to gobble down a whole box of chocolates by yourself? No you don't have to wait until Valentine's day for this guilty pleasure- celebrate National Chocolate Day by indulging in your favorites. White, dark, milk, with caramel, with nuts, even paired with bacon- chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes. So much chocolate, so little time. But we're here to help with that sweet fix. Take a look at our list of the coolest and most unique chocolate treats we could find in NYC. Your sweet tooth will thank us. 


1. Max Brenner

The geniuses behind Max Brenner bring you the most delicious and creative in chocolate delights. From dripping fondues, to decadently covered waffles, to chocolate pizzas- this place is where chocoholics go to die. But what caught our eye on their menu is their very unique "chocolate burger." This decadent burger consists of a brioche bun, a pure milk chocolate ganache "patty" covered in melted marshmallow  and is accompanied with melted strawberry sauce and melted white chocolate sauce to serve as the mayo and ketchup. It's a chocolate lover's dream burger. 



2. Vosges Haut- Chocolat

Over at Vosges they have taken the truffle to the next level. The creative masterminds behind these deliciously divine chocolates have created pairings with chocolate that one would never imagine would work, but they do! They're well known for getting creative with bacon, curry, salt, chili pepper, and even cheese. One of their most unique chocolate pairings would have to be their "Black Pearl." This daring  truffle pairs dark chocolate, ginger, black sesame, and the almighty wasabi. This unique treat is definitely not for the faint of heart and for only the truest of chocolate lovers. 


3. Roni Sue's 

This little hidden gem in the Essex Market is definitely worth the visit. Even though Roni Sue's is infamous for their truffles, their "pig candy" has made a splash on the chocolate scene. They don't just call it pig candy because you get to delight in chocolate heaven like a little, joyous piglet. These candies consist of crispy fried bacon dipped in delicious batters of either milk or dark chocolate. It's a sweet/salty marriage made in heaven. 




4.  Xocolatti

You won't find those run-of-the mill, boring chocolate bars here. Xocolatti brings you slates of the most original and carefully crafted chocolate pairings we've ever come across. Our favorite of their slates would have to be their Rose Hip Pistachio Slate. This intriguing creation mixes rose petals, imported Iranian pistachios, and white and dark chocolate. It will have your taste buds buzzing. 




5.  The Chocolate Room

There's always room for chocolate. That's the motto The Chocolate Room lives by, and we love it. Their twist to the traditional chocolate chip cookie is a masterpiece. They bring a delicious chunk of chocolate chips with cookie dough then dip it all in Belgian chocolate for a mind blowing chocolate experience. Literally, to die for.