Beat Those Pre-Winter Blues at Winter Warmers
A new s’mores and hot chocolate bar in Park Slope

Halloween marks the beginning of the season in which all anybody wants to do is take a break from the constant bombardment of holiday gift-giving propaganda and curl up by a toasty fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  This is New York though, and few people have functioning fireplaces let alone the time or patience to “curl up” anywhere. 

Fortunately, there is now a far more feasible alternative available to city-dwellers.  Taking the place of the People’s Pops summer outpost in Park Slope is an ice cream parlor-style hot chocolate bar offering a cozy respite from the cold.  Winter Warmers will serve up milk, dark, white, and butterscotch hot chocolate, apple cider, and the enticingly decadent hot butter batter.  


 The hot beverage bar will also have chocolate melt bars, candy apples, and customizable s’mores.  Judging from the menu, these aren’t the s’mores you haphazardly threw together at camp way back when: marshmallow flavors include honey, strawberry, coconut, and pumpkin, and you can add anything from andes mints to berries if you so choose. 

With all the daily annoyances that come along with New York Winters: frosty weather, frosty attitudes, sludge, and skies that grow dark long before you’ve left work, this adorable shop is shaping up to add some much-needed cheer to the approaching gloom. 

Winter Warmers opens today and is located at 7th and Union in Park Slope, Brooklyn.