Ventura Osteria now open in Sunnyside
Farm-to-Table Italian Comes to Queens

The food scene in Queens just keeps getting better.  There are still a few Manhattanites who refuse to entertain the idea of leaving “the city”, even for a bite to eat, but it’s their loss.  In terms of variety, value, and sheer deliciousness, Queen’s restaurants are more than worth the journey. The newest and most noteworthy addition to hit Queens Boulevard is Venturo Osteria, a sophisticated wine bar and restaurant with a focus on freshness.

With an enticing selection of wines and classic cocktails, Venturo is already shaping up to be the place to be for anyone in the area with a desire to drink in style.  Their menu, however, is the real draw.  Everybody loves Italian food and there are plenty of restaurants that offer it.  Venturo sets itself apart by serving house-made versions of three of the best things in life: pasta, bread, and cheese.  The osteria also carefully crafts its entrees using fresh ingredients from urban rooftop farm the Brooklyn Grange.

The positive customer reviews have already been pouring in for Venturo, which was brought to life by the team behind popular Astoria restaurants Pachanga Patterson and Vesta Trattoria.  Visitors to the restaurant can order from the a-la-carte menu or partake in the Community Dinners.  These hearty meals feed three to four diners (or one very hungry, shameless diner) and can be ordered an hour in advance.


Though Venturo clearly takes the quality of its food seriously, it’s refreshing to see a restaurant with a sense of humor.  If you come in for brunch, you’ll have the option of ordering a “Hangover Pizza”, which involves potato, pancetta, sausage, fried eggs, and spicy tomato sauce.  Not to be outdone, the “Baby Jesus Cake” is another contender on the list of menu items worth ordering just to say the name out loud.  Incidentally, with toffee sauce and fresh cream, it sounds just as tasty as everything else on at Venturo. 

 Venturo is located at 44-07 Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, Queens.