Winter Eats at the New York Botanical Gardens
Embrace nature in the Bronx and warm up with holiday treats.

Winter may not exactly scream garden season, but this may be the best season of all to visit the New York Botanical Garden.  

Sunny days are perfect for walking down idyllic nature paths in the heart of the Bronx, enjoying natural treasues like waterfalls, enormous trees, and local plants.

But as the sun goes down and a breeze comes in, it's nice to have a cozy place to warm up!  

 For the first time, the New York Botanical Garden is hosting a pop-up seasonal eatery: The Holiday Dining Pavilion.  Open since this past Saturday to coincide with the annual Holiday Train Show, this tented area features an inventive menu at a variety of food stations that pay homage to New York street food.  

Diners enter the spacious tent at 125th Street Station for succulent soul food like fried chicken and burgers, next, at Arthur Avenue, feast on Italian pastas and pizza, slurp steaming house-made soups and spicy chili at the Chelsea stand, or line up for an authentic “dirty water dog” with all the fixings at the Broadway Hotdog Cart.   

The Dessert Shoppe is the highlight of the tent's dining options! Featuring homemade gelatos in seasonal flavors like Maple Ginger Snap, Roasted Hazelnut and Apple Caramel Crisp and sorbets such as Blackberry Cabernet, Mango and Coconut, which may seem a bit chilly for the cold weather, but warm up with a tea or hot chocolate and then indulge.  Pumpkin rolls, gingerbread cookies, rich chocolate cake, caramel apples and Train-shaped Christmas Cookies as well as an artisanal candy bar are also available.  

The tent will be open Tuesday–Friday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m and on weekends: 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Holiday Weeks (Monday, December 16–Wednesday, January 1): 10 a.m.–7 p.m. Early closings: December 13 and 24; 3 p.m. Closed: November 28 (Thanksgiving) and December 25 (Christmas).