A Foodie's Dream with Chad Minton
Tasting of the new fall/winter menu

On November 18th, 2013, guests were invited to meet Andaz 5th Avenue's new executive chef, the charming and tattooed Chad Minton. The mellow and intimate event was held at Apartment 2E of the swanky midtown Manhattan Hotel where guests sipped on drinks at the open bar while tasting Minton's new Fall/Winter menu.

The exquisite presentation of the gourmet dishes spanned the table tops of a handful of islands throughout the room. Scrumptious options included cheese platters, a farmers salad made with raw green veggies, fine herbs, feta, topped with a sherry vinaigrette, and a selection of mixed olives seasoned with citrus, chili pepper, and herbs displayed in glass jars. Our favorite plate was the distinctive goat's cheese topped with roasted winter beets, a slice of blood orange, pistachios, and a crispy kale. It had a very savory and unique taste that we enjoyed.

The chefs, donned in aprons and caps, worked over the hot action stations where they prepared a tasty pumpkin risotto topped with crispy kale and fig balsamic, a braised veal & pork torellini made with brodo butter, winter truffle, and italian parsley, a chicken schnitzel made with organic greens and lemon, and merlot glazed short ribs served with roasted winter vegetables and heirloom potatoes.

For dessert a luscious tray of hazelnut & pumpkin country trifles were served in mini glass dishes. The menu prepared by Minton was delicious and fresh, Andaz 5th Avenue has definitely scored themselves a culinary artist.

Andaz 5th Avenue

485 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10017