The Clover Club
A Watering Hole Worthy of Crossing Water


 There are many reasons New Yorkers have been opting to cross water and explore the streets of Brooklyn, but for food enthusiasts like us, it’s usually in search of delectable dishes and creative cocktails.  Feeling a little thirsty on a recent fall Friday, we were hankering for an artfully made cocktail without all the hoop-jumping involved in visiting one of Manhattan’s premiere speakeasies.  Instead, we hopped the F train into Cobble Hill to check out the highly revered Clover Club, a frontrunner in the Brooklyn mixology movement.

The dining room is dimly lit, the service coolly polite, and the fireplace raring to go.  We snagged the only free seats in the house, and got to work studying the most efficient way to quench that familiar end of the week thirst.  Deciding on the Major Moses, we thought that apple brandy and Lillet rose, lemon juice, muddled blackberries, bitters and egg whites was the perfect way to warm the frost that had settled in our bones.  The ambiance was soothing and intimate, urging you to forget your troubles and relax while being simultaneously reminiscent of another era.  Sitting at a booth near the door, if you didn’t look to the street and take in the modernity surrounding you, you could swear you were in a scene from the Great Gatsby, if it were summer or Long Island.  It was the loveliest of ways to catch up with old friends and unwind from a stressful week, and we felt surprisingly at ease despite the fact it was our first time. 

While the cocktail was most certainly the main event, the lamb burger played an excellent supporting role, cooked perfectly and served with a scrumptious side salad that was dressed completely without being too oily, something uncommon in a side salad at any restaurant. We devoured it.  Similarly, the brussels sprouts with bacon, bleu cheese, and crispy apples in a honey sage vinaigrette, while not the most original of plates, was well balanced and beautifully plated.

Though we did not stay long, or over eat, (a rarity on both counts) this was the perfect way to sample what is sure to be one of our new favorite bars, one that is certainly worthy of crossing water for.