Sri Pa Phai
Head over to Sri Pa Phai for authentic (and spicy) Thai cuisine!

Queens is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with every inch of the globe packed into one borough. Here in Woodside, you have Sri Pa Phai, crowned as New York’s spiciest Thai restaurant for years.

The menu features a wide selection of dishes, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself flipping through several pages of appetizers. The variety never ends! The one that really jumped out at us was the Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad — a colorful medley of shrimps, squid and chicken and crunchy watercress on a bed of fresh vegetables. The squid is cooked in a sour, slightly spicy sauce that complements the salad very well. It’s the perfect start to a hearty meal.

One of the recommendations at Sri Pa Phai is the Gai Kua. It’s a delicious dish that consists of broad rice noodles sauteed with eggs, squid, chicken and green onions. It’s rather similar to the Drunken Noodles (another crowd favorite), which is a much spicier version of the Gai Kua. Drunken Noodles — also known as Pad Kee Mao — are often stir-fried with garlic, fish sauce and tofu for that strong, exquisite flavor.

Winter is the perfect time to have a steaming plate of Panang Curry, and no one does it better than Sri Pa Phai. The waiter gives you the option of selecting your level of spiciness (and bear in mind that when they say spicy, they’re really spicy). Chunks of chicken lie in a puddle of red Panang curry, which is graced with a hint of tamarind. The light fruitiness adds a slight sour taste to the curry. It goes well with coconut rice.

In case you can’t get enough of the seafood in your existing dishes, the Sauteed Seafood is rather spicy assortment of seafood, but you will love the way the shrimps, squid, trout fillet and mussels are cooked. They taste fresh and flavorful especially with some garlic, chili, rhizome, green pepper and corn thrown in. The dish is garnished with a sprinkling of crisp basil, summing up to perfection in a plate!

Head over to Sri Pa Phai and let us know what you think!