The Burger Bistro On Heels of Success Expands to Astoria
The finest burger in all the land is now walking distance from the 7 train.

Co-owners Jon Agnello and Vincent Dardanello have been pals for years, and back in 2009 decided to give New York something it never had before: an unforgettable burger experience.  Instead of the powers from on high making a burger in the back and allowing the customer to passively choose it from the menu, Jon and Vincent decided to let the patron take the wheel and design their own burger from start to finish.  Forget the standard  pickles, mayo, and cheddar cheese--you can get ten types of cheeses, including fried mozzarella, and ten toppings including pickles jalapenos or frizzled onions.   With the choice of your own meat (lamb, shrimp, veggie, beef, turkey or chicken) bun (ranging from brioce to lettuce wrap), cheese and topping, there are literally two million varieties you can try, making the possibilities as endless as they are delicious.  No wonder Burger Bistro was rated #2 burger in the city by Zagat.

The first Burger Bistro opened in Bay Ridge, and after substantial success opened a second restaurant in the parent-friendly Park Slope, followed by an Upper East Side joint in October 2012.  Jon and Vincent are clearly feeling confident about their enterprises, because this week, the Burger Bistro is setting up shop in Astoria, the center of New York City's yuppie population.  We think that once these young professionals sink their teeth into one of these burgers, Five Guys will become a distant memory.

What: The most delicous burger you will ever taste.  Well, second most, according to Zagat.

Where: Newest location is at 37-03 31st Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103

When: The new joint opens December 4th.  Call 347-808-8454 for detials or to make a reservation.