Looking Ahead: Talk & Taste at the 92nd Street
Learn and taste more of two culinary items that were meant to be together.
















If you are someone who (like us) views wine and cheese as two major food groups, you may want to consider swinging the $26 asking price to see Josh Wesson and Steve Jenkins talk grapes and curds this Sunday evening. 

Sommelier and owner of Best CellarsJosh Wesson, boasts an extensive resume in the food and wine industry over the last few decades.  Wesson won the title of Best Sommelier in French Wines & Spirits in the United States in 1984.   In 1989, he was nominated for the Who's Who in American Cooking. In 1997, Food & Wine magazine named him Retail Wine Innovator of the Year.  His most recent venture, Best Cellars, aims to bring quality affordable wine into the homes of wine enthusiasts nationwide.  

In the whey corner, master cheesemonger Steve Jenkins will impart his infinite wisdom on pairing certain cheeses with their perfect match: a glass of wine.  Jenkins’ book Cheese Primer, published in 1996, is considered the cheese bible by novices and experts alike.  Jenkins is one of the main reasons artisanal cheeses have become appreciated as well as widely available across these 50 great states.  His involvement with Fairway Market has allowed you to take his brilliance home, and we are eternally grateful for the consistently outstanding product that is available at your local Fairway.

So join us as we sip and nibble away at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday night, basking in the glory of two industry professionals who have made major contributions to America’s appreciation of two delectable articles of food and drink.