Dinosaur BBQ Brooklyn
A Taste of the South in Gowanus


Not many people would brave a heavy duty barbeque joint the day after Thanksgiving, the holiday most synonymous with that favorite of American pastimes--gluttony.  Lucky for our faithful readers, we are not most people.  On a frigid Friday night, we speed walked to Dinosaur BBQ’s Brooklyn location, open for five months and predominantly constructed from wood salvaged from the Brooklyn waterfront post Hurricane Sandy. 

Despite the amount of calories consumed the day before, we were not alone in Dino BBQ.  The place was packed, and it looked like everyone was starving, including us.  While we perused the menu, we snacked on the Dino Poutine, a light snack of French fries doused in beef gravy and accented with pimento cheese and Dinosaur’s signature pulled pork.  This was just the warm up, ladies and gentlemen, for what was about to go down.  With a pitcher of Rolling Rock (for $14!) in hand, we decided on the Family Stylin’ BBQ Combination Platter. 

This was no plate for the faint of heart.  One pound of pulled pork, smothered in Dinosaur’s homemade BBQ sauce, was tender and melt-in-your-mouth good.  (The leftovers worked well in an egg and potato pulled pork hash we crafted with love the next morning.)  The combo platter also included one full rack of ribs that were cooked perfectly but were a bit dry.  They could have used some more of that spectacular famous sauce.  13 chicken wings, half sticky with sesame hoisin sauce and the other half dripping with honey BBQ sauce were sweet and satisfied the urge for wings that comes innately when you walk into a barbeque joint such as this.

Three sides hit the table in giant, seemingly bottomless bowls.  The crispy cole slaw was some of the best we have sampled in a while, with long strands of cabbage, purple onion, and just the right amount of mayonnaise.  The mac and cheese was also excellent, and we are indeed picky about our mac and cheese.  Topped with paprika and cayenne pepper, the top was crispy without being baked with a layer of breadcrumbs that often takes away from a good bowl of mac and cheese, though it was that extra kick of spice that really enhanced the flavor of the dish.   The only true disappointment of the meal was the BBQ beans with pork, which were watery and bland. 

We also would not be doing the place justice without mentioning the fantastic service.  As foodies, we understand that we are not always the easiest of guests, and our server was jovial, kind, and accommodating in making sure our first ever Dinosaur experience lived up to its reputation.

Would disappointing baked beans stop us from going back to this New York-centric barbeque hot spot?  Absolutely not.  

 Dinosaur BBQ Brooklyn, 604 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY