Anthony Bourdain Set To Take On The Bronx
The celebrity chef sets his sites on NYC's least explored culinary landscape.

In a recent interview with The Gotamist, Anthony Bourdain (acclaimed chef and host of TV show No Reservations and, most recently, CNN's Parts Unknown), talked about his desire to cover The Bronx in an episode of his world-spanning culinary show. In both of his shows, Bourdain has explored places from Myanmar to Peru to The Congo and back, and often-unexplored or under-explored places are kind of his deal. While he's great at covering faraway places that are unfamiliar to the American public, he's also adept at bringing out the nuances of the "parts unknown" next door. As he demonstrated with his heartfelt episode on Detroit, Bourdain has the sensitivity and the intellect to really show the heart of commonly neglected parts of the country, and The Bronx is one place where he could do serious good in terms of re-aquainting the city with perhaps it's most misunderstood borough. 

We're definitely looking forward to his Bronx episode, if he gets a chance to make it.