Gourmet gift ideas
6 Tasty treats to give your friends and family

Finding gifts can be tough, even when you love the people to whom you're giving. There's always that one person on your holiday gift list who leaves you stumped. Whether its because they're difficult to please or they're just not particularly interested in anything, such a quandary can be frustrating. Since pretty much everyone loves food, it makes a pretty safe bet as a present. So if you're looking for inspiration, skip the fruit cakes for fresher ideas and give your friends and family one of these 6 awesome food-related gifts.



Zagat Dining Card

Pop into any drug store and you'll be overwhelmed with gift card options. Even though gifting a friend with a free meal is always nice, it tends to come off a transparently last-minute. The Zagat Dining Card is still a great quick gift option as all you have to do is select the value of the card online and email it to the recipient, but it trumps standard gift cards because it gives your friend the option of eating at any off the hundreds of fabulous Zagat-rated restaurants. 





Omaha Steaks Gift Basket 

For the Ron Swanson-esque carnivores in your life who couldn't care less about quinoa, a gift from Omaha Steaks goes a long way in keeping them happy throughout the holidays. While sending someone a basket of raw meat may seem an odd way to express seasonal affection, it won't go unappreciated by anybody who loves a good steak dinner but perhaps doesn't splurge on such things regularly. The website sells an exciting variety of delicious meats and sides, from a package of 80 slices of bacon to lobster tails to the Grand Feast, featuring every type meat you could ever want plus stuffed baked baked potatoes.






Pretty much anything from Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is a great place to start when shopping for food gifts. Not only is it heaven for foodies and avid cooks, it has a wide variety of delicious baking mixes, cocktail sets, and beautiful cooking accessories. The selection will vary at each store, but you can check the website for full offerings and choose any range of items, from margarita salts for the aspiring mixologist in your family to the Pancake Breakfast Gift Set, for a loved one who enjoys pancakes but lacks the necessary ingredients and a spatula.








Blue Apron

Ingredient-delivery services, which prepare all the elements of your meals for you in the appropriate portions so all you have to do is cook them, are becoming increasingly popular. This is a fantastic gift for busy people who want to eat healthy but don’t have time to go grocery shopping or prepare elaborate meals. Some of the more popular services are Plate Joy, Hello Fresh, and Blue Apron, where you can gift your friends and family with 1, 2, or 4 weeks of meals at about $9.99 per person, per meal.








Sensual Cooking Classes

The abundance of TV shows dedicated to chefs, bakers, and cupcakes has rekindled everyday people's interested in cooking something a little more impressive than a BLT. Cooking classes are a solid gift option both for aspiring top chefs and the cooking-impaired. If you're looking for a shamelessly romantic gift for your significant other, consider a cooking class at Appetite for Seduction in NYC. Even if you're cynical about the admittedly over-top romanticism of such activities, it's definitely a new experience that might literally add some spice to your love life...or give both of you a bizarre story to tell your friends later.





Creative Chocolates

There's a lot of great chocolate out there, but giving someone a random box of assorted chocolates (most of which may well be revolting) is a great way to say, "Happy Holidays! I forgot to think if a gift for you, but everybody likes chocolate, right?!" If you're going the chocolate route, try putting a creative spin on it. Hot cocoa spoons, for example, are both adorable and functional. No, this is not one of those spoons that claims to be designed specifically for hot chocolate but it's actually just a regular teaspoon. Hot cocoa spoons have a chunk of chocolate at the end that you mixed into steamed milk so you can make quick, easy hot cocoa at home that's not from you packet. You can check DeBrand's Gourmet Hot Chocolate on a Spoon here.